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Customer Testimonials

Greg S.

Home sold February 2021

The perfect offer

Wedgewood Homes could not have been more professional –it all started with the perfect offer. We literally could not NOT sign! Truly walk-on-water Buyer's representation in an impossible market. The team wrote a perfect offer against heavy competition.

AGENT | Peoria, AZ

Keith S.

Home sold February 2021

No team I trust more

There is no team I trust more than Wedgewood Homes! For over 8 years now, they have helped me with all cash, quick closes that my clients can rely on which results in more trust, referrals, and business. They are easy to work with, friendly, and treat you with respect. Working with them has been a pleasure all around. When you see what it is like working with a team like Wedgewood Homes, you will not waste your time working with anyone else!

AGENT | Beverly Hills, CA

Vidal A.

Home sold December 2020

Integrity and communication

I love Wedgewood Homes’ integrity and communication.  My business model fit right in with what you accomplish and the product you deliver is amazing. Everyone was great to work with and this is the hardest working team I have ever seen! 

AGENT | El Paso, TX

Alexa A.

Home sold November 2020

Quality experience

From selecting great neighborhoods to reimagining homes, Wedgewood Homes creates high quality experiences for buyers. I work with Wedgewood Homes because they stand by the quality of their work and always show integrity and fairness in all of their transactions. 

AGENT | Dallas, TX

Jason H.

Home sold October 2020

Realtor-friendly, first-rate process

Your acquisition process is first-rate. The timeline for execution in this market requires efficient processes, talented team members, and accurate market knowledge, and I found Wedgewood Homes to be top-notch. The coordination of the acquisition phase was very efficient, despite there being many internal steps that must take place.  The team’s market insight and investing strategy, I believe, serve your company well.  Everyone was very easy to work with. Their processes are super low-maintenance, realtor-friendly, and have a great track record of performance. 


James H.

Home sold October 2020

All expectations surpassed

It has certainly been a pleasure working with the Wedgewood Homes team and I look forward to doing it again! They met all deadlines with room to spare and were always on top of the ball from start to finish. All expectations were surpassed, to say the least. I decided to work with Wedgewood Homes due to the skill sets they are able to provide, the overall diversity and quality I have seen in their projects, as well as the sheer length of time they have been operating as a successful real estate investment firm.


Braden G.

Home sold October 2020

Top notch, hardworking, conscientious

Everyone I've worked with is top notch, hardworking, and conscientious. They do things right and quickly. Love it. I see a great future in continuing to work with Wedgewood Homes. All of my expectations were met and the team has been great to work with, quick to reply, and get things done.


Paige H.

Home sold September 2020

Responsive, extremely knowledgeable!

I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire team. The team is always on top of everything, attentive, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pricing, market insight and just knowing what will and won't work. The entire team behind the scenes working on coordination and documents is timely and organized. It's truly a pleasure to work with Wedgewood Homes. 


Bailey P.

Home sold September 2020

Wonderful to work with!

The experience has been amazing! The team has been responsive, dedicated and wonderful to work with. Everyone I worked with has been a great communicator, always on it, driven and always looking for creative solutions to make deals happen. I loved that Wedgewood Homes was fast-paced, creative and I truly enjoy working with everyone I've met.


Denise M.

Home sold June 2020

Gets the job done!

I have been working with Wedgewood Homes for the last 6 years and it has been a great experience. I feel as though I am part of the family. The team is always readily available, very conscientious, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.


John N.

Home sold June 2020

Responsive and dependable

The experience with Wedgewood Homes was great! Everyone was very responsive and quick to get the offers out. Wedgewood Homes proved to be very dependable and delivered on all expectations.


Clay L.

Home sold May 2020

Extremely trustworthy

Wedgewood Homes has great customer service and is extremely trustworthy. Everyone I worked with was great and they went above and beyond my expectations! 

AGENT | San Antonio, TX